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Nationwide Crane Sales, Services, and Solutions

At All Crane Solutions, based in the vibrant city of Wellington, New Zealand, we take pride in offering comprehensive crane part sales and crane valuation services that span the entire nation. Our company is dedicated to excellence and responsiveness, ensuring each client receives unmatched attention and service. Our industry-leading experience in crane solutions guarantees that your needs are met with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Supply of major Brands and Hard-to-Find Crane Parts and Services

Furthermore, All Crane Solutions stands out for its wide-ranging service offerings. We cater to a broad spectrum of brands and products, including but not limited to Kato, Tadano, Kobelco, Grove, Liebherr, Terex, Bosch Rexroth, Hyest, Nabtesco, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Sanwa, Kayaba, Shimadzu, and many others. Specializing in obsolete and hard-to-obtain parts, we ensure your cranes operate efficiently without downtime.

Our array of services and products includes:

  • Mobile crane sales and parts
  • Crawler crane sales and parts, including undercarriage components
  • Spider crane sales and parts
  • All Crane wire ropes and boom length cables
  • All Crane slew rings
  • All Crane Safe Load Indicators (SLI) and computers
  • Diesel Hammer parts for most makes
  • Diesel Engine parts for Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hino, Isuzu, and more
  • Hydraulic Seal Kits for Cranes & Excavators
  • Shipping logistics
  • Crane valuation service, including Insurance valuation, Market valuations, Bank and finance institution valuations

Our commitment to offering a holistic crane part sales experience is evident in our diverse inventory and the specialized services we provide. It’s important to note that while we are not involved in technical repairs and maintenance due to the absence of crane technicians within our team, we excel in providing top-tier insurance valuation services that are crucial for your business.

Why Choose All Crane Solutions?

Choosing All Crane Solutions means partnering with a leader in mobile crane sales and parts, crawler crane sales and parts, and spider crane sales and parts. Our nationwide reach ensures that wherever you are in New Zealand, we are there to support your crane operations with premium parts and professional services. Our expertise in navigating the complexities of crane operations and our dedication to sourcing rare and essential parts make us your ideal partner.

Furthermore, All Crane Solutions embodies a partner you can trust for all your crane part sales and service needs across New Zealand. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our comprehensive service offerings, positions us as the industry leader in providing crane solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer. Let All Crane Solutions be the key to your successful crane operations, crane part sales, and crane valuations across New Zealand.

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